Mikey's Trail Dust Recipe Page - Cooking, BBQ with Seasoning, Spices, Rub

Below are some of the finest recipes for Meats, Beef, Steaks, and others including topics you might not have thought of, including vegetables, eggs, and stir fry. Our seasoning and spices complement your meals completely.

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Mikey's Awesome Barbeque Veggies
Mikey's Outlaw Deviled Eggs
Mikey's Trail Dust Gazpacho Soup
Mikey's Kickin' Ranch Beans
Mikey's Old West Sautéed Mushrooms


Other things Mikey's Original Old West Traildust will enhance and make wonderful to eat:

  • Put on fried, boiled or poached eggs.
  • Enhance your potato or macaroni salad with liberal use of Mikey Spice.
  • Make your own salsa and make it wonderful with Mikey Spice
  • Make a pot of beans and season with Mikey Spice.
  • Open any canned vegetable and season with Mikey Spice.
  • When preparing any fresh vegetable, season liberally with Mikey Spice.
  • We use this versatile seasoning on almost everything we eat. Of course, we haven't yet tried it with ice cream or cake.